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My picture For the love of Autumn.
Crisp days, morning dew. Hot apple cider, apple picking. Scarfs, boots and long sleeves. Warm colours, falling leaves. Mums, pumpkins and squash. Hay rides, pumpkin picking. Corn mazes, bonfires. Jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts and goblins. Halloween, trick or treating. Apple pie, warm blankets. Pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving. Fire places, first snow fall. Numb noses, rosy cheeks. ---------------------------------------------------------- I'm a 23 year old going on 24 that is still in love with Halloween, Heck you're never too old for Halloween, that's what I think.

I will continue having parties into my later adult years, until I can no longer marvel in the season that is Autumn, and the event that is Halloween.

I hope you enjoy my journey into the up coming autumn season, and my love for everything Halloween. My party this year is going to be big! I'm making some of these recipes and crafts come to life pretty soon. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for all my experiences in this upcoming fall season!

Yours Truly, Amanda.


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